Skill Scanner

The Skill Scanner is a small program to extract avatar skill information from screenshots in Entropia Universe. It scans the skills window ingame, or it can read image files saved in your PC.

Once the skill information is read successfully, it calculates also your total skill count, and your skills net worth (according to market value of ESIs and skill implants extracted from
You can also create a text file with your skills (in Comma-Separated-Value format) to be used by other applications, or you can upload automatically your skills to the Chipping Optimizer web application, provided that you have an account there.


First of all, you must have installed the latest Java 8 version, available here:

Make sure you go to: "Java SE Runtime Environment", since it is MUCH smaller than the "Java SE Development Kit".
(Latest version as of today is JRE SE 8u411)

NOTE: The Skill Scanner does NOT work with Java 9, Java 10 or later. If you have these Java versions in your machine, either uninstall them and install Java 8 (easy), OR install Java 8 along with the other versions, but make sure that the Skill Scanner is started under the Java 8 environment (harder).

Now, if you have already installed Java, do the following:

This tool is in no way connected with MindArk PE AB or any of MindArks' Planet Partners. Entropia Universe is a registered trademark of MindArk PE AB.
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